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Ensurion is a Bahrain-based insurance and risk management firm licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain . Specializing in the formation and administration of captive insurance companies and bespoke insurance and risk management solutions, Ensurion has built a strong value proposition based upon its three core values:

Service Overview

Ensurion and its affiliates provide a number of innovative insurance and risk management services.
Insurance Audit & Advisory

Insurance can be complex. It is tempting to ignore it or presume it will cover you and your company in exactly the way you expect. Reviewing your insurances can be a valuable tool in protecting your balance sheet - it can highlight any shortfalls in coverage, values or limits. As your business changes and grows, so your insurances need to change.

An Insurance Audit from Ensurion will help to properly mitigate the risks of under or incorrect insurances. An Insurance Audit from Ensurion is not about spotting loopholes in your insurance programs currently in force but rather a complete process that derives from a thorough knowledge of your company and ensures that your insurances are catered to the particular needs of your business.

You might ask yourself what can Ensurion’s Insurance Audit do for my Company?

Ensurion’s Insurance audit will typically:

  • address the adequacy of protection of your existing insurance programs by looking at coverage, sums insured and limits of liability;
  • identify other risk exposures that could be transferred to a risk carrier;
  • highlight potential insurance coverage that may be unknown to you or has been overlooked ;
  • provide more tailor-made policies catered for your particular needs;
  • grant you updated information on insurances such as regulatory changes, market dynamics, insurer security and new products.

What are the direct benefits for your Company from the Insurance Audit conducted by Ensurion?

  • Validating or disapproving the effectiveness of your current insurance programs;
  • Evaluating proactively how your current insurance programs against current standards and best practices in your Industry;
  • Providing a comprehensive cost benefit analysis that can make a major difference to your Company;
  • Achieving insurance programs correction and improved service levels;
  • Resulting in more tailored insurance coverage and effectiveness;
  • Reaching peace of mind as well as time saving

Insurance advisory & management services remain the bedrock of the group’s operations. Consultancy often starts with the examination of a client’s existing portfolio and a detailed report thereon, or in the case of a new risk, a preliminary site visit and business analysis.

Thereafter any or all the following may feature:

  • Exposure analysis
  • Discussion of requirements
  • Program design
  • Policy drafting
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Pre-qualification of security
  • Management of tender
  • Scrutiny and analysis of bids
  • Vetting and approval of policies issued
  • Program monitoring and updating
  • Advice on day to day insurance and related matters
  • Periodic site visits.
  • Management of “routine” claims and amendments
  • Statistical and performance analysis embodied in client management reports
  • Periodic market reports

Pride is taken in from our flexibility and ability to tailor our services to the particular needs of our clients and, where insurance is the answer, we provide bespoke policy wordings rather than tailor market wordings to the needs of the insurance program.

From analysis, to preparation of our clients insurance RFQ documentation, dozens of our clients rely on Ensurion annually to review, design, and tender their insurance requirements. For flat fee, Ensurion will annually assist our clients with the insurance purchasing process. No more hidden fees, middlemen, or struggling to understand local insurance laws or terminology. Our services offer our clients a transparent, technical, and financially certain way of obtaining the advice they need and maintain a direct and strong relationship with their insurers.

Claims Related Services

Since its earliest days, Ensurion has specialized in major claims handling region wide. Offering a complete client assistance and management service, our experts have dealt with claims in a number of major areas. A full claims management service from collation of evidence through quantification and presentation to negotiation of settlement is offered.

Ensurion Claims Divison works with and offers:

  • Step by step guidance through a serious loss.
  • Forensic Evidence
  • Treatment of salvage
  • Claim formulation and presentation
  • Liaison with adjusters and insurers
  • Business interruption monitoring and evaluation
  • Increased cost of working measurement
  • Examination of documents and evidence of causation.
  • Damage assessment and management
  • Scheduling and management of reinstatement works, fast tracking, supply scheduling.
  • Negotiation settlement
  • Informal arbitration between Insurers and Insured

Since its earliest days, Ensurion has specialized in major claims handling region wide. Offering a complete client assistance and management service, our experts have dealt with claims in a number of major areas. A full claims management service from collation of evidence through quantification and presentation to negotiation of settlement is offered.

Cargo Recoveries:

A specialist service for the recovery of the major cargo loss or for an insurer’s portfolio. Surveys and investigation, negotiation with ship owners, P&I Clubs, insurers, charterers, surveyors, lawyers, etc.

Environmental Issues:

In close collaboration with our international associates, our claims management services extend to management of environmental pollution damage on behalf of government bodies and others, particularly the maritime industry. For any claims inquiries, please feel free to email us at: info@ensurion.com

Please leave your contact details so that our consultants can attend to your inquiries as swiftly as possible.

  • We become responsible for compilation of the entire claim, thereby releasing management to perform their usual task at a critical time.
  • We are able to prepare and submit the claim expeditiously, thereby obtaining early progress payments, and bringing the claim to final settlement as quickly as possible.
  • We are experienced in the business of formulating insurance claims and will ensure the claim represents full entitlement in terms of the policy.
  • We have practical knowledge of the effects of a loss on buildings, plant and stock in every sort of industry. This knowledge will assist in the early re-establishment and recovery of lost market share.
  • Fees are negotiated at the outset, and are usually charged on a " no cure, no pay" basis. This means that if the claim is not successful, we do not raise the fee.
  • Time is a critical element after a claim. Since it is in short supply under normal circumstances, it makes economic sense to engage us in a crisis.
Captive Insurance

A captive insurance company, usually just called a “captive,” is an insurance company owned by a non-insurance company, that is set up specifically to underwrite the risks of its parent company or companies.”

  • It is an insurance subsidiary for one or more insurance buyers, who are also the owners of the captive
  • It is risk management tool that has been used globally for decades
  • There are more around 5,500 captives worldwide
  • Most of the world’s leading firms utilize captive insurance companies
  • Captives can be owned by almost every type of insurance buyer, in sectors such as energy, industry, real estate, financial services, transportation, utilities, etc.
  • Subject to minimum regulatory and capital requirements and are set up in various jurisdictions known as captive domiciles
Insurance Strategy & Consulting

One of the strengths Ensurion prides itself in is its expertise in multiple facets of insurance, reinsurance, risk management, claims, and the administration/restructuring of insurance related operatons.

Our team of consultants can work independently with organizations large and small with: In a tough market environment, it is critical that insurers have access to the best technical, marketing, product development, and reinsurance advice.

Our advisory team works with our clients on :

  • Market Research and Product Development
  • Human Capital Sourcing and Development
  • High Level Strategy
  • Systems development and implementation of enterprise management systems
  • Retention optimization, and impartial advice on the structuring of treaty programmes
  • Corporate governance, compliance, and risk management
  • Run Off, Claims Administration, Restructuring

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